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Tunnel Info Services provides strategic in-depth competitive intelligence about tunnel projects around the world. Our market watch help you identify new projects and partners, access accurate, detailed and historical project information, receive notifications of invitations to tender and bid results‚ be updated on projects and effectively communicate with owners, prospective bidders and successful contractors.


Our information is the most exhaustive, detailed and reliable source of information about tunnel projects in the five continents.

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In focus


The blue pages highlight different topics like loans and financing agreements, infrastructure investments programmed by such or such country, booming markets, contractual disputes and litigation, etc.

Tunnels under study

The red pages describe future tunnel projects, still in the study phase and early engineering stages of development or even just proposals. This section gives a precise idea of what’s up next. It is often an opportunity for companies to be aware of new projects never or hardly heard of before to approach and advise the owners and developers. As many technical details as possible are given about tunnels and underground structures described. The articles are often illustrated with maps and studded with click-through web links.


Invitations to tender


The green pages report about requests for proposals, expressions of interest, invitations to tender and calls for bids related to engineering studies, civil works and construction supervision for new tunnels. Shortlisted/prequalified companies are disclosed when available. Technical details are provided as well as contact people and web links to the tender announcements and associated documents.

Contract announcements

The orange pages deal with new contracts as an outcome of the tenders reported in the green pages. Comprehensive information is given about the contractors or joint ventures, the contract amount and duration, the work start date, the technicial details of the tunnels, etc. Web links and contacts are also provided.


Fit-out, safety and rehabilitation

Safety is a permanent issue. The violet pages are focused on invitations to tender and contract announcements dealing with the refurbishment of existing tunnels (civil works, E&M and other equipment, safety improvements and maintenance) and the fit-out of new tunnels. The articles of this section also deal with ongoing work sites. alt

Site reports

alt The yellow pages are project updates during the work phase, at the different stages of the process, from start to finish. These articles report about civil works (groundbreaking, work advance, breakthrough) until commissioning. A worksite report describes accurately the tunnelling method(s), the mucking-out means, the primary ground reinforcement and final lining techniques, etc. The machinery and materials used and their suppliers are mentioned.


When a tunnel project comes to an end, the tunnels is then inaugurated and opened to service. The turquoise pages report about this last stage of a tunnel project. It is also the opportunity to draw up a balance sheet some time after a tunnels is open and observe, for example, if traffic meets forecats or if a tunnel or underground structure (powerhouse, surge tank, etc.) give full technical satisfaction during service life. alt


alt The grey pages offer a space for companies to announce the launch of a new product or service giving technical details and specifications. Acquisitions of a company by a competitor, strategic deals and partnership between companies are also announced in the pages.

Innovations and R&D

The brown/beige pages let you know about industrial novelties, innovative products, processes and methods. Additionnally, these pages review in detail R&D programmes launched, underway and ending. alt

Events and recognition

alt The black and white pages pay attention to the important conferences, symposiums, training courses and congresses for tunnelling and trenchless construction professionnals. It also reports about prizes awarded to outstanding projects and eminent people.