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Tunnel Info Services offers a full range of highly skilled multilingual services.


 Competitive intelligence

Through its specific research techniques, diversified sources together with multiple contacts within the tunnelling industry (owners and awarding authorities, financing institutions, planners, engineering consultancies, geologists, contractors, subcontractors, specialist contractors, and suppliers of machinery, equipment and materials), Tunnel Info Services supplies reliable, detailed and cost-effective business and competitive intelligence on the world’s tunnelling market.
Alerts notify you about tender opportunities and contracts just awarded in the five continents directly to your e-mail address as the information comes out.
We also send you strategic in-depth information about tunnels under study and construction site reports. You are also informed on corporate news (acquisitions and mergers, etc.), innovations & R&D and the future business events. Read more about the information we provide at: www.tunnelinfo.com/Flyer.pdf.

Our information covers the full spectrum of a project’s life: feasibility studies, conceptual design, detailed design, public hearing procedure, environment impact studies, work supervision, etc.‚ names of bidders or shortlisted companies when available, contract announcements, follow-up of projects throughout the construction phase (start of tunnelling works, work progress, E&M equipment installation and entry in service). We also deal with safety improvements and the refurbishment of existing tunnels.

To request a free sample of our information, visit www.tunnelinfo.com/contact_form.

We offer subscriptions for six months, one year or two years (second year with -15% discount).

Subscribers can pay through a classical international bank transfer after reception of their invoice or by cheque (for French subscribers). To subscribe, visit www.tunnelinfo.com/subscribe.

Our server is programmed to automatically suspend unpaid subscriptions after a maximum of three weeks from the invoice date.

The subscription to the newsletter includes a real-time e-mail alert service. As a subscriber, you receive e-mail alerts about important international invitations to tender and contract awards as soon as we know, so that you are informed in real time ahead of the publication in the newsletter.

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  Tailor-made market watch

Tunnel Info Services offers tailor-made market watch on specific aspects of the tunnelling industry that companies wish to monitor. This is a confidential and customised information searching service reserved to companies worldwide.

To remain competitive in your market, Tunnel Info Services helps you customise the information to your specific needs. With a customised profile that we work with you to create, we will search the specific data you want to know so that you will receive the relevant information. Reporting can be done under the form of weekly or monthly feedbacks or as we collect the information.

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Search for your agents and dealers abroad

Are you searching for an agent, sales representative or dealer to expand your business abroad? Thanks to its profound knowledge of the market and multiple contacts, Tunnel Info Services can assist you.

We can look for your agent, representative or dealer in a country or region that you wish to enter and draw a list of potential partners. The search will be performed according to your specific needs.

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Marketing and communication

Tunnel Info Services carries out in-depth market surveys for companies within the industry, for example to estimate the volume of tunnel projects in a specific country or continent, in particular details regarding the tunnel lengths, diameters, planned excavation methods as well as ground reinforcement and lining techniques, safety equipment that is needed, etc.

We also are a communication agency offering to create advertisements, in print or online, build a media relations campaign through the negotiation of discounted rates in the printed professional press or through the internet, or create your corporate identity.

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Technical journalism

We cover all the main aspects of tunnelling: planning studies, the technical aspects of design, overall project management, the supervision of construction works, as well as construction and safety equipment.

Tunnel Info Services has supplied the multilingual contents to web sites and technical articles in several languages to renowned magazines within the tunnelling sector.

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Technical translations

Globalisation means that businesses can no longer afford to focus exclusively on local customers. Products and services cross physical borders as the translated word crosses language barriers.

Manuals, drawings, bid documents and any other element involved in a bidding process need accurate technical translation. Tunnel Info Services offers technical translation services to translate such documents as well as proposals, technical recommendations, equipment manuals, corporate literature, articles, product brochures, etc.

We are highly familiar with the tunnel-related topics, the technology and the terminology of the industry.

Your top reasons for using our international technical translation services are quality, accuracy, affordability and flexibility.

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